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United States
Hi, I'm WhispertheWolf, known as WhispertheWolfie on this site. You can call me Whisper, Whisp, Wolf, Wolfie, Winter, Winterwind, or anything else that I'll probably recognize from my screenname or OCs. (Most just go with Whisper or Wolfie.)

I'm just a How to Train Your Dragon fangirl who is a little obsessed with ice dragons...and wintry things and characters in general. I'm not much of an artist, but I appreciate other people's work and make a few of my own drawings from time to time. I mostly just like to show off my HTTYD OCs in my gallery with art that was drawn by myself and by people kind enough to take my requests.

I also really love to think critically and theoretically about the franchises I'm fans of, and since I've made my DA account about HTTYD OCs, I've posted a lot of HTTYD "things" on here, like theories and soundtrack themes for different types of dragons.

Click here to see my masterpost for Dragon Soundtracks:…

Click here to see my masterpost for Dragon Theories:…

I also like favoriting Harry Potter art from time to time. XD

Winterwind Badge by WhispertheWolfie Icevein Badge by WhispertheWolfie

.:Woolly Howl Fan Button:. by Xbox-DS-Gameboy .:Groncicle Fan Button:. by Xbox-DS-Gameboy .:Shivertooth Fan Button:. by Xbox-DS-Gameboy

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Happy Easter, everyone!

And happy April Fools'! (I've already been tricked today.) XD
Update: my grandfather has passed away. It was a peaceful passing and he felt no pain. The service will probably be next week.
My grandfather is in hospice, and we're not sure how long he has. I will be traveling a lot trying to get to him on time, and I'll be quite emotional for awhile. So I apologize if I don't respond in timely fashions on DA, Discord, or the School of Dragons forum. However, please feel free to message me about anything any time as usual, and know that I will still be releasing Dragon Theories on time this week. How to Train Your Dragon is a source of comfort to me, so far from being bother, such things might even help. Just please understand if I am slow to respond or not quite as chipper as usual.
Today I've learned I'm apparently dumber than bread.

...Considering I was eating a sandwich at the time I learned that, I guess I can say, "Well, I still win." XD
So I have another version of Whisper Norling and Winterwind, my main HTTYD OCs, that I've been storing in my brain for about a year now. SouloftheFoxy's alternate timeline for her characters and the recent release of the last season of Race to the Edge reminded me of it rather recently, so I thought I'd share it.

I have a version of Whisper and Winterwind where Winterwind is a Windgnasher. Whisper is basically the same person you know, and Winterwind is the same dragon you know, squinty eye, scars, and all, only a bit more headstrong and, well, a golden-brown Windgnasher instead of a Woolly Howl. I have these versions of these characters largely because of the fact that the TV show and games are inconsistent with the films, so, throwing out both them and the comics, this version of Whisper and Winterwind was meant to be the versions that only adhere to 100% movie HTTYD canon.

The truth, though, is that I find these two less interesting than the ones that live in the collective canon where I accept all things non-contradictory to the movies from all sources. With only one ice dragon fit for riding in a movie-verse-only world, there's no Icevein - which tears my heart in half, for he's my dragon, too - and no Nobert, Frostclaws, Thistle, Colby, Eclipse, or Gertrude. There's not even an Avalanche, the Snow Wraith who is Winterwind's sworn dragon enemy in The Wolf and the Howl. There's no Northlanders for Whisper to combat, no Icestorm Island with mysteries for her to solve and Groncicles to define her path, no Chilblain where Whisper and Gertrude can meet, no family in the Icy Wastes that Winterwind longs to find. Whisper's mother Ylva exists, and I can definitely let her keep Pickle, her own Windgnasher (though he wouldn't be called Pickle since Norbert named him that), but everything else is stripped away. The plot falls without these characters and elements, but even more, so do the themes that the story builds. I have the bond between Whisper and Winterwind still, built on learning to trust and see they can each be more, and I decided to give them action scenes and adventures exploring the Archipelago. But in this version, Whisper isn't challenged and tested. She doesn't learn to trust others, she doesn't grow to be a caretaker and protector of those around her. She has no hero's journey. Winterwind, likewise, doesn't learn to be more self-reliant and to let go. She doesn't learn to stand on her own. Trapped in the confines of the movies-only world, these characters are stagnant, even while I give them "plot" to do.

On top of that, the whole point of making Winterwind a Windgnasher is to ensure that Whisper still has an ice dragon. But it was Rise of Berk that established this dragon's name and fire type.  So is it even canon for the Windgnasher to be an ice dragon if I'm only looking at the universe of the two movies? Does this even accomplish my goal?

While contemplating Whisper and Winterwind her Windgnasher vs. Whisper and Winterwind her Woolly Howl, I'm reminded of something very important in storytelling as an art form. A good story needs a good plot, but the real key to a good story is the themes and emotions they give us. The plot is the stuff that happens in a story, but the story is what all that stuff means.

I made a version of these characters using only movie elements because I don't feel much for the HTTYD franchise as a whole story-wise unless I'm looking at the films. The plots in the TV show and the comics, while I scour them for info on dragon species, mean little to me in terms of characters and story. But the first movie always moved me. So I made a Windgnasher version of Winterwind to better fit my OCs into the universe of the true story I fell in love with. But in the end, I never grew as attached to these OCs as I did their original versions. They do things, but they don't have something to say. In The Wolf and the Howl, Whisper and Winterwind have more than just a bit more plot than their movie-verse counterparts; they have a story, one that resonates so much more with the themes and story of the first How to Train Your Dragon movie even as it draws from elements, and dragon species, found across the whole franchise.

In the end, it doesn't really matter whether Winterwind is a Windgnasher or a Woolly Howl or something else altogether; what matters is that a story, be it a book, a major motion picture, or just some online fanfiction, not only gives you plot and setting and characters but also themes worth resonating and a story worth telling.

And this is largely why you've only ever seen Winterwind the Woolly Howl and never Winterwind the Windgnasher. (But I still really need School of Dragons to give me a Windgnasher.) XD

So thank you, Winterwind. Fictional character or not, no matter what form you take, you always continue to teach me. And thank you, How to Train Your Dragon, for giving me a wonderful story...and inspiring one of my own.

Happy flying, Dragonites.
Over the last 24 hours or so, I've had a number of people ask if my opinion on Race to the Edge has changed due to the last season. Those who follow my journals know that, while I see good aspects in the show, I view it mostly negatively. I did binge-watch the whole last season yesterday (because HTTYD), and I'm sorry to say that, no, the new season did not change this opinion. It has only solidified it. I would like to ask that people please stop asking me if I "like it now" because I'm afraid my answer is just going to keep disappointing people. If anyone wants me to post my full thoughts on the completed series, I can, or if anyone wants me to post only my positive thoughts on the completed series, I can do that, too. But unless prompted to do so, I don't have plans to discuss it. I don't think ill of people who like this series, and I'd rather not spoil anyone's fun (unless they really want me to for some reason).
Happy Valentine's Day! Enjoy your special someone today! And if you have no special someone and you're single like me, go treat yourself today!
When you feed a Thunderpede in Dragons: Rise of Berk, it catches the fish in its fists and just tosses it into its mouth. Like...that's just darn adorable. ^_^
I just wrote a page of 21 theories on the (franchise) Silver Phantom dragon...just because I love it. No other reason. It's not even on the list of requested dragons. I just did it. ...Guess I'll just hold onto that in my until it gets requested or chosen by the random number generator. That's going to be an easy theories week. XD
One of the most incredible things about being human is the not-human animals we have allowed to share our lives. Humans have had domesticated animals for thousands of years. They have been our food, our transport, our workforce, our hunters, our guardians, our pest control, and our companions. And we have made quite a few of them: dogs, cats, horses, cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, reindeer, guinea pigs, and many more (including this website's favorite, llamas!) Some domesticated species are new, but others are ancient and have had a huge influence on the cultures they appear in, with great histories, some fantastic, others tragic. And even with all the animals present in our lives, some of these great workers of history and world trade today are probably ones you've never even heard of or knew were domesticated! Here we're going to explore five of these magnificent animals that you might not have known about and their unique uses and histories!

Also, since this is an art website, I will be including artwork and photographs from DeviantArt of these creatures whenever possible. Be sure to click on the artwork and/or the artist's name to check out the artist!

1. House Cricket
House Cricket by NeferLio
House Cricket
Photographed by NeferLio

Oh, yes, we humans have domesticated a cricket! The house cricket (Atecha domesticus) is thought to have come from Southwest Asia. Between 1950 and 2000, this species of cricket was bred to be a feeder cricket and was a common pet in China and Japan. Though once common in pet stores across the world, the cricket paralysis virus decimated the populations of Europe in 2002 and North America in 2010, and since then, it has largely been replaced by the Jamaican field cricket in those markets. But even so, there are still certain parts of the world where it's farmed not only as a pet and feeder for other pets but even for human consumption. (I've had some dry-roasted myself, and they're not bad.)
House Cricket by Alithographica
House Cricket by Alithographica

2. Silkmoth/Silkworm FOR HEXENTESTPANTZ by ewm
                                                                From Pinterest                  TEST FOR HEXENTESTPANTZ
                                            Photographed by ewm

Many know that we humans keep silkmoths so that that their larvae, silkworms, will make silk for us, but not many know that the silkmoths and silkworms we keep are their own domesticated species! The domestic silkmoth (Bombyx mori) is believed to have been domesticated in China over 5,000 years ago. The main difference between the domestic silkworms and their wild counterparts is that they are bigger, grow faster, tolerate human handling, and can live in crowded conditions, making them perfect natural mass-producers. And believe me, for thousands of years, silkworm breeders have taken their breeding very seriously. And it's no wonder; the domestic silkworm has been one of the greatest influences on Chinese history, being a great driver behind the Silk Road. While it may be an insect, this is actually one of history's most important domesticated animals!

3. Guineafowl
Africa in Montana by DeeOtter
Africa in Montana
Photographed by DeeOtter

Now from bugs to birds! Domesticated from the helmeted guineafowl (Numida meleagris), the domestic guineafowl is a poultry bird from Africa. And if you think this is just a poor attempt at mimicking chicken domestication, think again! The guineafowl is believed to have been domesticated around 2400 B.C.E. and has fed central and southern Africa for thousands of years. In fact, there is evidence that there were even guineafowl in Greece in the 5th century B.C.E., showing these birds were widely traded even in ancient times. They are great egg producers, and they're actually effective bug control, too. And if you're looking for some meat to eat, guineafowl is actually considered more flavorful than chicken, though for this reason it is often more expensive, too.

4. Domestic Fox
If I smilez, you gimmie treat? by foxalbiazul
If I smilez, you gimmie treat?
Photographed by foxalbiazul

An even younger variety of domestic animal than the house cricket, the domestic fox is an invention of science! This animal was bred from the wild red fox (Vulpes vulpes) as part of a domestication experiment. Zoologist Dmitry Belyayev of the Soviet Union began an experiment in 1959 where he took a bunch of red foxes from the fur industry and attempted to aggressively breed them for gentle individuals. The idea was to do an experiment to see how long it would take to domesticate an animal with the goal of breeding a tame fur fox for farming. And so far, the experiment has shown some success, now sporting a tame population with a temperament and behavior distinct from the wild type, sometimes accompanied by changes in coat color as well. Along with the classic red and black/silver coats, these foxes have sported white, grey, and piebald patterns, and they bark and wag their tails and can be trained to use a litter box! Unfortunately, the changes made the experiment a bit of a failure for its original purpose, as these foxes aren't the best fur producers, but it provided a whole new set of invaluable results about the effects domestication can have on a species, changing how we look at traits seen in our own domestic dogs. While the experiment does continue on to this day in Russia, some of the foxes are now sold as pets, for hefty fees that help fund continuing research.

I should also point out that even the domestic fox is a pretty terrible pet for unprepared pet owners. Yes, they are affectionate and fairly tame, but at about 10 months old, they start showing wild-like behaviors that are nearly impossible to train perhaps marking your house and peeing in your coffee cup, for example. They have all the affection of a domestic animal but still have the difficulty of an exotic pet. I think we're still a few hundred years from a true fox-dog. But for those up to the challenge and with the money to spend on this animal, they can be quite loving and a joy to own!
Domestic Fox Colors by NoelleMBrooks
Domestic Fox Colors by NoelleMBrooks

5. Fuegian Dog
From Patagonian Monsters Blogspot

Also known as the Yaghan dog or Selk'nam dog, this is the most fascinating animal on this list! It is a testament to just how much dogs mean to us...largely because it is both a dog and not a dog.

Dogs are incredible. Most recent findings from 2008 show that dogs have been domesticated at least by 25,000 years ago, and genetic evidence suggests they may have begun the process 85,000 years ago! The leading theory is that dogs domesticated humans as much as humans domesticated dogs, and this is seen by the fact that we took dogs everywhere we went, from Afro-Eurasia to the Polynesian islands to North America and to Australia. But one place they did not end up with people, for whatever reason, is South America. However, it's believed that the first people to settle any of the Americas were the ancestors of the Yaghan and Selk'nam, who settled the cold southern tip of South America. It's believed these people share ancestry with the Australian aborigines, which means these were a people who knew dogs, even if they themselves did not bring any. And would you know it; in the absence of dogs, they made other dogs!

But did they domesticate wolves? No. South America has no wolves or any canids of the genus Canus. They have their own unique canids: the South American foxes, also known as zorros. These canids are their own distinct group, more closely related to canines like wolves, dogs, and jackals than to actual foxes. And it's from one of these zorros that the Yaghan and the Selk'nam bred their own canid companion, the Fuegian dog. Some think this is domesticated from the the culpeo or Andean fox (Lycalopex culpaeus), while others think it may be domesticated from the extinct warrah or Falklands Island wolf (Dusicyon australis), the closest living relative to which is the maned wolf. Whatever the case, the Fuegian dog was roughly about the size of a Shetland sheepdog and looked very fox-like with white or tawny coats. The Yaghan and Selk'nam used them for hunting and for keeping warm at night and for general companionship. They were said to not be particularly protective of their people and also quite aggressive, though admittedly this comes from biased European sources.

But if you want to view a Fuegian dog now, you can't. Last recorded in 1880, they were extinct by 1919. The only known specimen of it is the one photographed above, found in a museum in Chile. It is stated in records of the time that this is because they were dangerous to people and livestock, and early 20th-century writers claimed they were replaced by the "superior" European dogs. But I think it's more complicated than that, and far more tragic. The sad history of this domestic South American fox is mirrored by the tragic history of the people who bred it. Once a very numerous people, in the 19th century, European disease absolutely decimated the Yaghan and Selk'nam, wiping out over 50% of their population at least. On top of that, Yaghan largely lived off the sea, but white whalers and seal hunters were destroying their food resources. Meanwhile, the Selk'nam were land hunters and did not understand European concept of ownership and so often killed settlers' sheep and cattle, which resulted in the military responding with genocide and forcible relocation. I believe many of their dogs were killed for transgressions against livestock during this time, and with their own population struggling to survive after breaking down from a plague and facing dwindling food resources, the Selk'nam and Yaghan could not worry about caring for and maintaining anyone else, even their dogs. But even with this, I think there might have been one final hit that was the nail in the coffin for these zorro-dogs. The Fuegian dog's disappearance coincides with the heartworm disease, a dangerous and deadly infection to all canids, reaching the southern end of South America. Faced with such a disease, the last of an already decimated population of Fuegian dogs might not have been able to recover. Mind you, this is just my theory, but the timing fits.

Not long after the disappearance of their dogs, the last 783 Selk'nam were moved to the Dawson Islands to work in concentration camps. Not long after that, the Yaghan would settle Keppel Island. Both continued to dwindle in number. The last Selk'nam, Ángela Loij, passed away in 1974. The last surviving member of the Yaghan people today is Cristina Calderón, who lives in Puerto Williams, Chile. She is 80 years old.

The dogs' disappearance, it seems, was prophetic and inevitable, a sign of a dwindling people that we will soon be gone forever. But here's a small comfort for this story: you came to learn about unique domesticated animals, and now you will remember these people, their culture, and their animals, even long after they're gone.

Fuegian Dog by Eurwentala
Fuegian Dog by Eurwentala

And those are 5 domesticated animals you might not have known about! Go ahead and mention down in the comments if you've ever met any of the first four and if you know of any other obscure domesticated animals. Or just tell me about your pets. I have the standard pets myself, a cat and a dog. The cat, Isabella, is feral-bred, and I've had her since she was a kitten. She's my baby, and she's a grumpy mooch. The dog, Mia, is actually my roommate's dog and is some sort of black Labrador/shepherd mix, and she's a sassy animal but very cuddly and sweet and I adore her to pieces!
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